Celebrate Erie Festival Practitioner Interest Survey

Erie Wellness Network has assembled this survey to determine member interest in participating in a shared tent during the Celebrate Erie Festival.  A shared tent will offer practitioners a way to showcase their specific services and products at a cost less than an individual site would be, but just as importantly, will provide a larger presence of Erie’s holistic wellness community to festival attendees.  Tent size and number of stations needed will be determined by the outcome of this survey.  Because of this, please answer with as much accuracy as possible.  Once interest is determined and final costs are determined, registration for timeslots will be open to member practitioners on EWN’s website on a first come basis.

A large tent will be rented by Erie Wellness Network and spaces within this tent will be made available to EWN member practitioners in preregistered slotted times.  Space rental costs incurred by EWN will be divided up between participating practitioners and, although preliminary, is estimated to be approximately $10-$15 per hour per practitioner, depending on the size of tent and number of practitioners that participate.  Space rental timeslots are listed below in three and four hour increments.  The tent will include tables, chairs, electricity, and roll down sides if needed for inclement weather.  The tent will be decorated with lights and foliage.

Celebrate Erie requires the following commitment from each festival participant:

  1. Participants must offer engaging activities, demonstrations, samples, mini-sessions, etc. to showcase what the business has to offer in the way of services and products.
  2. All spaces must be fully occupied from 12 noon to 7pm each day of the festival.
  3. All participants must carry liability insurance.
  4. The EWN tent will not have a vendor license, so no product can be sold within The EWN tent.  If you desire to sell merchandise, please contact Celebrate Erie Festival for information on renting an individual tent.

Please complete the following survey if you are an Erie Wellness Network Practitioner and would like to take part in the Celebrate Erie Festival in conjunction with Erie Wellness Network: